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Discovery is a way for everyone to get on the same page. To clearly understand what we are doing and why. To know that we are successful and when.

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Building stuff on the web is hard.

Really hard.

  • How do you know you are building the right thing for the right users?
  • How do you know you are spending the right amount?
  • How do you know this is the best technical solution?

These questions are fundamental to any project. Unless you answer these questions, you are surely going to fail. You’re going to spend too much on the wrong technology for the wrong people. And you might not even know it. The project could fail, you could lose your credibility and worse, your job.

We’ve learned...

  • That unless you motivate users to do something, there no point in spending the money.
  • That vague requirements and no accountability will kill any project, no matter how well the project starts.
  • That you don’t have to guess. With the proper research and strategy you can conduct experiments that teach you what to do.
  • That figuring out what you need to do and actually doing it are two very different things.
  • That you can get a refund, but you can’t recover time.

You don’t have to go it alone. We can help.

Introducing Discovery

Discovery is a service that provides all the tools you need to make wise decisions about the direction, shape and cost of your project. We will help you get things off to a good start by laying the groundwork for good decisions based on best practices.

Why should I use this service?

Let’s say you have a project you’d like to do. You think you need to upgrade your company’s Wordpress blog. Typically, you’d go to a design company and ask for a proposal. They would work with you to develop a solution that is based on their internal process and supported technology. All this for $30,000.

We think this model is fundamentally broken. We wrote about that here: Discovery Should Not Be In A Service Contract

How do you know that what they are proposing is the right solution? You don’t.

You might wonder...

  • Is this really the best technology?
  • Do we know that we are getting the best solution our money can buy?
  • Are there smaller steps we can take?
  • What if the discovery unveils something new?
  • Is the schedule realistic?

What if, instead, you do a Discovery with us for $7500. Our process reveals that your customers like what you have, but they want it to be mobile friendly. So we recommend just buying and customizing a responsive Wordpress theme. You then pay $5,000 to customize a great theme.

You’ve saved $17,500 AND you know that you’ve spent the money on the right thing.

The same applies to a web application.

Let’s say you want to provide a new service to your customers. You have some feedback that they want to be able to share photos showing how to use your widget to help other customers do more with your project. Sounds ideal right?

So you go to a development company that you know about and ask them to build you an online tool for collecting and sharing images and tips about your widget. You work with them to get a bid and feel like you’ve been punched in the gut when you get the quote. It’s going to cost how much? Just for fun, let’s say $50,000. BTW, that’d be cheap for something like this built from scratch.

But wait…

What if you did a Discovery with us and you came to the same conclusion. $7,500 to figure that out. But instead of diving right into the app build process, we recommend you do some experiments. For instance, what if you just got an Instagram account and tried to replicate that idea in Instagram? That would be free. And you would be creating a social media channel at the same time. You might still want to build your own app eventually, but in the meantime, you are learning what your customers are actually doing. For MUCH less money.

Using Discovery will allow you to:

  • Define what the goals are for the project so you can keep everyone accountable
  • Define what the plan is for your project
  • Define what the project should cost
  • Recommend what kinds of technology you should use
  • Recommend a process for content creation
  • Define experiments that you can conduct to figure out if the project will work
  • Define what kinds of firms or agencies to work with
  • Give you a guide for picking a partner to work with

Most importantly, you have someone on your side, a third party, that isn’t trying to sell you their solution. We’re trying to help you find the right solution.


We have four price options.

Feature Discovery: $1500

We use the same process for all our discoveries, but we get laser focused on one feature. You might be interested in this option if you are looking to refine an existing product or service.

Strategic Discovery: $2500

We use the stratgic discovery to help sort out how to do what you want to do. The end result will be a clear map for executing your startegy. You might be interested in this option if you are looking to launch a product or service or you want to get the word out about something that is important to you.

Remote Product Discovery: $7500

We take you through the process and deliver what you need to be successful. Our meetings can be held via video conferencing and our templates and forms will collect the data that we need. We don’t need to be in the same room to do this. And you can work in your underwear if you like. You might be interested in Remote Product Discovery if you have an idea and what to launch it, or what you are doing now needs to change and you want to understand what is at stake and how to change it.

Live Product Discovery: $12,500*

Want us in the room with you? We can bring the discovery to you. You get all of the above (but please wear clothes) plus we will facilitate one four hour session with interactive exercises designed to give you and your team a deeper understanding of what the project will be. The end result will be similar to the Remote Discovery with more team buy in and a deeper understanding of the process you can use for yourself. You might be interested in the Live Product Discovery if you have an idea and what to launch it, or what you are doing now needs to change and you want to understand what is at stake and how to change it.

*Travel expenses are not included but will be pre approved with your team.

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