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It's more than code. It's more than production. Develoment is the applicaiton of technical skill in a passionate pursuit of quality.

Discovery right Design right Development down

Making things is fun

How cool is it that you can write some words in a text file, load it to server and it will do stuff? Or that you can shoot some photos, load them to a place on the web and have your users share them. To us, this is the magic and possibility of the web. It's the moment where ideas and research meet the practical needs of your users. And it can be amazing.

We love building creative solutions. We love everything about it. From designing database schemas, shooting photographs, making videos, creating interactive expereinces to the forms your users interact with on a webpage.

We specialize in web apps. Primarily in health care. We love to tackle the really hard issues like:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Personal health information
  • Multi-tiered permissions
  • Complex user interface problems
  • Complex data integration needs

We also love just building simple tools that do one job well. If you're insterested, you can see one we launched recently called Happi. Happi is a gratitude journal that helps you capture what you are grateful for. By the way, journaling about your gratitude has been proven to improve depression scores over time. Be grateful and feel better!

Most of these problems we tackle with an intersting mix of Django, a Python development framework, REST APIs, and a handful of Javascript frameworks. We REALLY like Vue.js for its power and simplicity. At the end of the day though, we choose what works for the project, not for us.

Since 2006 we have built complete content management systems, ecommerce solutions, behavior design applications and social media applications. We launched DataWellness in the spring of 2006. DataWellness is a complete health record management application for helping emergency services personnel and staff manage the high risk job of keeping us all safe. We are really proud of this application and we believe it will help many people.

We really love photography and videography. We've traveled all over the world to capture media for clients and, while not traditionally called development, we find the process to be remarkably similar to building applications. To us, creating is what development means. And that takes on many forms.