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Trainer gives you the ability to own your training content and the expereince for your users. Trainer is a well tested framework that you can use and keep your intellectual property protected while easily making the expereince available.

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Trainer is a simple tool that helps you deliver online learning. Your branding and your content stays protected from content thieves that will republish your work for their own benefit.

It's your content

If you google, "Someone stole my course", you'll see lots of results for authors who have had their content stolen. With Trainer, we protect your intellectual property so that what you created stays yours.

Prove it

We've built quizzes and certifications into the experience. So you can test whether or not your audience is learning what you are trying to teach them.

Keep 'em engaged

We prefer not to learn by clicking next over and over. Trainer has unique tools and a fundamentally different approach to online learning. We can help you design your experiences for the best results.

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