Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Aggregation

Mosaic was built to bring all of your content back to one place and tell a story. We can help you design and deploy completely custom agregated content expereinces for your users.

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Mosaic is a tool for telling stories. We integrate with your social media content and bring it together in a unique expereince for you audience.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Imagine how many words 1,000 pictures represent? Your social media images tell a story. And when they are tagged with teh same tag, they can tell a consistent story. Mosiac brings those images back together in a way that can visually represent difficult concepts. In realtime.

Tell the right story

We all know that your brand isn't actually yours anymore. What people say about your brand is now just as important. So what if you could give a way to structure the ideas you believe in and keep people engaged ith what you are trying to do? Mosaic can help you communicate difficult concepts in easy to understand ways.

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