OSHA, HIPAA, Health Records, Big Data

Our flagship product, DataWellness, is an application that we’ve built to store personal health records. With the data that we store we can look at populations and changes over time. This insight allows us the ability to work with organizations to help them be OSHA compliant and improve policy.

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DataWellness keeps your orginzation compliant with OSHA requiremenst for your safety committee and helps you manage your personel's health data.


No one wants to have their medical data out for anyone to get access too. That's why we've worked extremely hard to make sure that the application is HIPAA compliant and your data is safe.


We capture a lot of data. And all of it can be used to make good decisions about your orginizations safety policies and minimize risk.


If you don't measure it, it doesn't exist. We can track and store your health data so that your people can make good health decisions.

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