Pure Blue
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At Pure Blue, we make things easier for your users while meeting your goals

Build something your users want.

You've got a great idea and a passion to change lives. But how do you know that the solution you’ve come up with is the one your users really need, or even want?

Our process, products and services will enable you to create something that will excite and inspire both you and your users.

We build expereinces

Our Stuff

We use HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and Django to build apps for every purpose, whether silly or serious. We don't just build the app; we develop strategies and content that surround your users with a complete experience, from first click to final step.


We love media

We've traveled all over the world to capture and tell compelling stories using a variety of media, including photography and videography.


We build the web

Backbone.js, Django, Tastypie & more

We’ve been involved in open source projects for 10 years and believe in the power of a passionate group with a vision to change lives.